Crazy Tasting

Will you dare?

In Team Building Spain we offer you our fun activity called “Crazy Tasting”. It is a perfect icebreaker activity for those groups looking to make something original and at the same time test themselves.

How it works

In this activity we will divide the group into several teams and then they will have to taste a series of different products, from semi-agradable flavours to…. as you can imagine, the worst ones.

This activity involves many factors, like:

  • Team spirit
  • Communication and leadership
  • Personal enrichment
  • Group support in difficult situations
  • Time management
  • Etc…

The activity consists in a chain of dishes, which all the members of the team will have to try at least once, this condition is indispensable for the chain to advance and reach our final surprise, which will be wonderful edible insects.

The team that has tasted the most dishes will be the winner!

We can adapt the difficulty of the dishes, taking into account the customer’s profile. Among the many options we have, we can offer things like:

  • Fleshy fruits
  • Different chillies
  • Extra sour candies
  • Bean bozzled jelly beans
  • Vinegars
  • Wines
  • Coffee powder
  • Blue cheese
  • Raw fish
  • Raw onion
  • Edible insects
  • Etc…

In addition to this, we have several optional services, for example:

  • Professional Photography & Videography
  • Personalized prizes for the winners
  • Etc…

This experience can be developed both indoors and outdoors (beach, gardens, etc…). It can also be carried out in the same hotel where the group is staying without having to leave. In addition, it is of short duration, being able to be developed as an ideal icebreaking experience.

Additional Information

Number of participants: From 20 to 400
Duration: 1h to 2h
Weather: This activity can be organized indoor as well, so the weather conditions does not affect the activity.
Availability: All year round, subject to availability.
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, French



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