Drum Circles

Rythm and Fun

Teambuildings offers you an original activity, our drum circles will show you the andalusian music, with instruments like : castagnettes, canes, anis bottles and obviously “canjon” (drum).

How it works

The group will learn first how to use all the instruments, what’s their origin, etc. Right after that, there will be the time to practice and learn how to play them, one by one. Once ready, groups will have to design and show their own performance.

This activity can be customized, according to your needs, specific goals, represent company values or specific situations, etc.

This drum circle works as a:

  • Ice breaking, helping people to learn to know each other
  • Does not leave anyone behind, as anyone can do it.
  • Brain stimulating
  • Releasing creative energies
  • Training of presentation skills
  • Musical translations of the companies’ activities and ongoing processes
  • Unique experience

This experience is perfect for small and medium sized groups and it can be organized in your hotel of residence, the beach or any convenient venue with enough space.

Contact us for more information and we will help you to organise your next Andalusian event.

Additional Information

Number of participants: From 20 to 120
Duration: 2h to 4h
Corporate: Ideal activity for teambuilding groups, incentives in Spain, interested in a fun andalucian activity
Availability: All year round, subject to availability.
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, French



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