Sangria Workshop

Your Special Spanish Drink

In Spain, if there is one thing that characterizes us, is that we have a very special gastronomy. Surely you’ve ever wondered what that famous drink is that everybody loves, called “Sangría“. In Team Building Malaga we want you not to be left with the desire, so now you have the opportunity to enjoy an authentic carving preparation of “Sangria“.

Additional Information

In this activity, we’ll divide the group into different teams to see who gets the best sangria. Our workshop is composed of three parts, in each of them will be necessary to create a type of sangria, like the:

  • Classic Sangria
  • White Sangria
  • Creative Sangria

This activity will be guided by a professional sommelier, who will demonstrate the steps to create a sangria correctly. Once the demonstration is finished, each team will be given the materials and ingredients necessary to proceed with the elaboration of their own sangria.

Keep in mind that as this activity is a competition, we will have a jury that will be responsible for testing the bleedings of each team. Once the activity is finished, the jury will meet to give the verdict and announce that the team is the best creator of sangria.

Whether for lunch or dinner, these types of activities are perfect for either prior to lunch or dinner, as it allows you to break the ice and enjoy a fun time.

Additional Information

Number of Participants: 20 to 300
Duration: 1h
Availability: All year round, subject to availability
Language: English, Spanish, French



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