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Team building Malaga propose you an unique teambuilding activity in Andalucia, our Picasso Workshop. We will test the creatives skills of your group with a guarantee fun.

How it works

First Chapter:
Once the teams has been created, some mind games will have to be solved in a determinated period of time. Completing these games will provide the teams with materials that are neccessary to paint the Picasso painting at the end, materials such as felt pen colors, cardboard, etc
Once all the teams has finished these games, each team will have to choose what Picasso Paint want to draw, have in mind that sometimes the most simple painting could end up being the most difficult one.

Second Chapter:
The Picasso paintings selected for this experience are divided in small pieces, this means that each member of the tam will have to paint just one part of the paint, so it is very important to have a good comunication here, as the teams has to coordinate to create the whole painting. You cannot assamble the piece until the end, so make sure that everyone has done their job correctly.

At the end of this experience, we will expose all the paintings from the teams and our professional staff will choose who is the winner.

Additional Information

Number of passengers:  From 10 to 300 people
Duration:  1h 30min
Weather:  this activity does not depends on weather conditions, as it can be organised indoor as well
Availability:  All year round, subject to availability
Language:  English, Spanish, French


Marbella, Málaga y Costa del Sol

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