Robinson Crusoe

Are you prepared?

Team building Spain offers you the opportunity to feel like a real Robinson Crusoe or Tom Hanks and his worldwide famous best friend Willow in Castaway. This is an unique experience that you can enjoy with your group in Spain.

Here you will have to develop some skills slike for example how to get drinkable water, make a fire, build a shelter and even build a raft to scape from the “island”.

How it works
First of all the group will be divided in small differents teams.  Right after that, each team will provided with a box that contains some tools such as strings and wood sticks … To make this experience more interesting, we will create a competition, where the teams will have to achieve some specific objectives during the game, in order to obtain extra materials.

In the game is very important to play some specific roles, like:

  • The leader: This person will be in charge to assign a task to every member of the team and would have to supervise the whole process.
  • The builders: They are the ones that  will have to build the shelter and the raft in order to get out of the “island”
  • The explorers: They will be in charge of finding the extra tools during the game, completing the puzzles and further challenges.

Have in mind that “teamwork”  is the key to win in this game, since most of the materials can only be used once during the game, so the communication will be essential as well.

At the end of the game we will check and judge the quality of every shelter and raft built. Once we have checked all of them, we will announce who is the winning team.


Additional Information

Number of participants:  20 to 150
Duration:  4 hours to full day
Corporate:  For large groups, we’ll combine this experience with other adventure activities
Availability:  All year, subject to availability
Languages:  English, French, Spanish



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