In Experience Box we put a lot of effort and attention into providing the highest quality in the services we offer. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions before accepting any of our services and activities. Once you have reserved an activity or other service, you accept and are legally bound by these Terms and Conditions.

About Experience Box:
Legal details of the company: Experience Box Spain SL, Urb Arena Beach, 22 in Estepona 29680, with CIF: ES B93032522 .
Experience Box Spain SL is a corporate events company that produces its own activities and services for groups. We are an official Travel Agency registered under CIAN: 296341-2)
Our headquarters are located in: Edificio Altair 218, Urb El Saladillo, 29680 – Estepona (Málaga).

Prices quoted by e-mail are net prices subject to VAT (10% or 21%), unless otherwise specified. All quotations are based on the number of people requested and are therefore subject to change if the total number of participants varies between the quotation and confirmation date.
General terms and conditions of payment and booking (unless otherwise specified in the corresponding quotation and written correspondence between Experience Box and your client):
A first deposit of 50% of the total pre-contracted services is required to guarantee these services; another 25% of this total is required 3 months prior to the start of the event and final payment for the remaining pre-contracted services is required 3 weeks prior to the start of the event.
As a general rule, the final number of participants and details of all pre-contracted services will be received 3 weeks before the event (any cancellation after that date will be considered “no show”).
Duration of the offer: 4 weeks after the date of the initial proposal.
Charges by credit or debit card will incur the following surcharges:
1.5% of the amount to be collected, via Visa or Mastercard
3.5% of the amount receivable, via American Express.
Conditions of Total and Partial Cancellations (reductions):
In case of total cancellation of an event by the client, deposits already paid will not be refundable.

In case of a reduction in the number of participants for an event, our general rule is as follows (unless otherwise specified in the written correspondence between Experience Box and your client):
10% of the number of confirmed participants can be reduced to 12 weeks before the start of the event without penalty.
5% of the current number of participants can be reduced up to 3 weeks before the start of the event without penalty.
Any reduction in the number of participants less than 3 weeks before the start of the event will be fully charged.
Only 2 reductions are allowed for the same program/event.
This approach does not apply in cases where a minimum expenditure or minimum number of
The client accepts that some activities, such as boating, water sports and other outdoor experiences, are subject to weather conditions. In the event of inability to enjoy the activity, we will propose alternative dates or activities (plan B).
If a new date is not an option, and a plan B is not reliably possible, a partial refund may be arranged, depending on the exact time the decision to cancel the event is made, with a maximum of 90% of the total amount paid (10% to cover general and administrative costs incurred).
For sailing events, the final decision to cancel the event for weather reasons belongs solely to the boat captains. Based on this, if the sailing event were to take place, even if the weather conditions were not ideal, no refund would be made.
In cases where Experience Box acts as an intermediary between the client and a final supplier (restaurant or hotel reservations, airport transfers, etc.), the cancellation and reduction policies of that supplier will be followed and respected.

Experience Box reserves the right to use your event as a reference for marketing purposes (photos, videos, logos, etc.). If the client does not permit Experience Box to use any material, we must be notified in writing prior to the event at info@experiencebox.com

As an activity provider and travel agent, Experience Box has the necessary liability insurance.
In some cases, Experience Box acts as an intermediary, which means that in the event of an accident or incident during one of the activities or services, the insurance of the final supplier will be used instead.
Customers may request a copy of our insurance policy and the insurance policy(s) from any of the end providers prior to booking a corporate event.


If the group does not respect the planning and schedules, Experience Box is not responsible for any problems/delays in any of the proposed activities.
When Experience Box acts exclusively as an event coordinator and manager for the event and activities, we cannot be held responsible for any injury or loss resulting from the experience.
Experience Box is not responsible for any delay, problem or loss as a result of a “force majeur” (traffic jam, weather, strike, etc.) or an item that is not under our control.

Privacy Statement
Experience Box Spain may use images taken during activities and events for marketing purposes (Facebook, Web, etc.), unless the client rejects this in writing before the activity takes place at info@experiencebox.com

Experienceboxspain.com a website owned by Experience Box Spain SL and, as such, any dispute arising out of these terms and conditions will be handled in a Spanish court of law.

In the event that the VAT rate changes in Spain between the quotation date and the invoice date, we will adjust the final amount accordingly.

Images used in all promotional literature to illustrate experiences are used as an indication and for informational purposes only. Although in most cases they are real examples of activities carried out by Experience Box with its clients, in some cases they may not represent real images of the activities.